My Blender Wishlist

Posted: 2023-02-22

We have seen a massive adoption of Blender over the last few years since 2.8 was released. Industry software leaders are beginning to support blender more and more each day. I believe it holds a special place in many artists hearts, from its amazing community, largely user friendly interface and down to earth simplicity, makes it a first choice for many these days. I too have enjoyed using blender on and off since 2012, and although my career in the animation industry has meant I have largely worked in Softimage, Maya and Houdini but the rise of blender has put it on most peoples map.

Recently I have begun spending a lot more time looking at blender not only as a artist friendly tool, but a DCC that needs to be fit into the big picture of our pipeline. I have been getting under the hood coding tools along with import & export features to allow blender to slot into our workflows.

This list is the culmination of what I have discovered along the way:

  1. Set Y-up axis - Pretty much something that many people have been asking for. A simple preferences toggle to switch between Z-up (the blender default) and Y-up. Currently I have created a function to do the conversion on import & export.
  2. Alembic Export Selected - You may quickly say, 'it already does have this option'... and you are right. However if you have a hierachy such as parent|child|mesh, and you only select child|mesh and export with selected you will recieve an alembic with the parent empty... so infact you did not get the selected. I have logged this as a bug ticket:
  3. Asset Library Collections to carry Custom Properties - We use the Custom Properties to track assets and so when I started looking into using the Asset Library it made sense to have the custom property values on Collections be accessible when the asset is dragged into a scene from the Asset Library. This is sadly not the case. It does work for a mesh, but not on collections. I have logged this as a bug ticket:

Thats it for now, but I imagine it might continue to grow as I dive deeper into the heart of Blender.